red dot



short film | comedy | 2014

One drunken night, Morgan "pops a squat" outside a bar, gets busted for committing a lewd act, and is subsequently charged as a sex offender.

Directed by Chloe Lenihan

Written & Produced by Chandra C. Silver

Cinematography by Mike O’Shea Jr.

Edited by Brian Denny

Soundtrack by Reserved For Rondee, and Locksley

Starring: Elizabeth Masucci (TNT's Public Morals and Steve McQueen’s Shame), Ryan Jonze (Ava DuVernay’s When They See US), and Celia Schaefer,

“Best Director of a Short Comedy” at Best Actors Film Festival, 2014
“Best Student Film” (Nominee) at California Independent Film Festival, 2014


Palm Springs International ShortFest, 2014
St. Louis International Film Festival, 2014
Louisville's International Festival of Film, 2014
California Independent Film Festival, 2014
South Dakota Film Festival, 2014
Los Angeles Women's International Film Festival, 2014
Malibu Film Festival, 2014
NewFilmmakers New York, 2014
Chick Flicks Film Festival Dallas, 2014
Actors Film Festival San Francisco, 2014
Screen Actors Guild Foundation Showcase, New York, 2014
World of Women Film Festival - Sydney, Australia, 2014

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BTS photos courtesy of Alisha Tova Siegel